4 Ideal Settings for Commercial Concrete Coatings

If you ask us, commercial concrete coatings are ideal anywhere. Flooring is one of the hardest materials to choose, mainly because business owners or operators are so conflicted. Should the floor add to the design? Should it be chosen based on durability alone? Is there a middle ground?

Choosing a commercial floor isn’t hard once you review all the options commercial concrete coatings provide. Many of the pain points you’re facing that make it hard to decide can be resolved with concrete coatings.

concrete coatings settings

Here are four specific scenarios where commercial concrete coatings are ideal:

Auto Shop

You spill oil. You drop tire irons. There’s a lot of scraping, scuffling and spilling going on. That’s normal in an auto shop. But what about the floor?

If your garage is like most, you probably have regular old concrete as the foundation of your workspace. It’s probably cracked, chipped and stained. You sweep at the end of the day, but eventually, you give up. It’s not that an auto shop has to look pristine, but it’s frustrating that you can’t rid the floor of the grime or the smell.

That’s where concrete coatings come in. Not only is the coating resistant to chipping, it’s impervious to stains. You can spill as much oil as you want — it won’t penetrate the surface. It makes cleanup easier for your employees and it adds another level of professionalism to your shop.

Chemical Manufacturing

Flooring is a top priority in any manufacturing space. When employees handle harsh or hazardous chemicals, an absorbent floor poses a major risk. Since concrete coatings can withstand even the most corrosive elements, it’s one of the top choices for this setting.

Professional Office

Here’s a surprise — it doesn’t matter if the harshest chemical in your office is the days-old black coffee left behind in the kitchen. Concrete coatings are still a great choice because they’re beautiful! You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for durability, and that’s what makes them one of the most versatile flooring options you will ever find.

Warehouse Environment

When backing up the forklift and moving giant shelving units, it’s normal to get nervous about the wear and tear on the floor. Good news — an epoxy commercial coating is nearly impossible to crack or damage in any way. It works in the warehouse too!

From showrooms to retail stores to medical settings, there are commercial concrete coatings for every occasion. You just have to reach out and ask us which one is right for you. Contact Packman’s Coatings today to learn more and get a quote for your business.