7 Benefits of Epoxy Coatings for Concrete

Epoxy coatings are the finishing touch of choice for countless home and business owners who want to spruce up their concrete. Maybe it’s time for you to consider an epoxy coating as well.

Epoxy Coatings for Concrete


What’s the Difference Between Epoxy and Paint?

It’s a common misconception, but epoxy isn’t the same as paint. Paint is made of latex acrylic. Epoxy is a hard resin. While paint dries, epoxy cures. The process of applying it may look similar to the untrained eye, but the materials perform in remarkably different ways.

If your dingy old concrete needs a renovation, epoxy is one of the best materials to update the look and prevent future wear and tear, and it’s much better than paint. Why?

1. It’s Chemical-Resistant

Epoxy is barely affected by harsh chemicals that could otherwise seriously harm your concrete floor. From bleach to transmission fluid, you can spill just about anything on your epoxy-covered surface, leave it for a while, then wipe it up later and notice no ill effects. This is why epoxy is the flooring finish of choice for chemical plants, hospitals, automotive garages and more.

2. It Withstands Hot Tire Pickup

Epoxy coatings are great for your garage because you won’t cause the dreaded “hot tire pickup” when you park right after a long drive. Your rubber tires get hot while driving and can soften low-quality coatings, such as acrylic paint. Then when the tires cool and contract, it pulls at the surface of the coating and causes delamination.

When a professional applies your epoxy coating, this is never an issue. In fact, you often get a warranty with your completed project that guarantees protection from issues like hot tire pickup.

3. It’s Eye-Catching and Professional

It looks elegant and smooth, plus you can pick the color and design you prefer. It’s possible to get a durable concrete coating that’s still attractive — epoxy makes it possible.

4. It’s Budget-Friendly

Since it’s applied over your concrete flooring, the only cost you pay for is surface preparation, materials and labor. It’s a cost-effective option for rejuvenating your worn-out concrete.

5. It Cleans Easy

Since it doesn’t trap bacteria, epoxy is extremely easy to clean. You can sanitize it in no time and little to no maintenance is required to keep your floors looking great.

6. It’s Long-Lasting and Durable

You can trust your epoxy to stand the test of time. It protects the concrete underneath from cracks and moisture infiltration (not to mention stains), and maintains that protection for decades without peeling or chipping.

7. It Adds Light to Dark Spaces

Because of its reflective qualities, epoxy can dramatically increase the light inside your dark garage or shadowy warehouse. This improves safety and enhances the environment to create better working conditions.

For a high-quality finish applied to an expertly prepared surface, trust Packman’s Coatings. We offer a range of superior epoxy coatings for all applications: residential, commercial and industrial. Call us today to set up a consultation and get a free quote.