Are Concrete Coatings Good for All Types of Concrete Surfaces?

Concrete coatings are beautiful, but are they ideal for anywhere and everywhere?

If you’re thinking about installing one somewhere out of the ordinary, it’s probably a question you’re asking yourself. Concrete coatings offer a wide range of benefits that apply to many different environments, but there are cases where changes must be made for the coating to bond successfully and last as long as expected.

You can install concrete coatings anywhere, but there are two instances where repairs and preparation are needed in advance.

Moist, Damp Concrete Presents a Problem

When concrete is constantly moist, any coating applied to it will not yield a good result. Moisture trapped in the slab will cause the dissolution of salts in the concrete and create an alkaline environment, which then contributes to the early deterioration of the surface coating. It is imperative to address the source of concrete slab moisture before the coating is applied for the best results.

Dirty, Grimy Concrete Is a Challenge

All concrete must be cleaned thoroughly prior to coating application, but the extremely stained and dirty surfaces require a bit more work if the coating is going to look good and function well. At Packman’s Coatings, we use a specialized diamond grinding process that strips away all contaminants. While extremely soiled surfaces present a challenge, they’re not impossible for our team!

The Good News: It’s Fixable

On both these counts, you can trust Packman’s Coatings. We can investigate the source of moisture and provide detailed recommendations on how to fix it. In fact, we test every concrete slab for moisture before we apply any coating. It’s just part of making sure that our work delivers the best result and the highest return on investment for our clients.

And of course, we take great care in the preparation process as well, perfectly cleaning even the dirtiest of concrete surfaces.

Durability, Aesthetics and Low Maintenance: What’s Not to Like?

There are so many upsides to concrete coatings. They’re durable. They are aesthetically pleasing. They require little to no maintenance. They contribute to the functionality of your space, offering a resilient, nonslip surface for work areas. If you’re hesitant whether a coating is fit for the purpose you have in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask our team which product is the best option for you.

Packman’s Coatings offers superior epoxy coatings for all types of concrete surfaces. When yours leave something to be desired, we’re the team to call. From preparation to the final finishing touches, our concrete coatings process is easy, cost-effective and exciting. Jump-start your concrete’s transformation — call us today for a free quote!