Can You Install Concrete Coatings in Cold Weather?

Concrete coatings are enhancements that make your garage floor look good through every season. But can they be applied in every season?

concrete coatings cold weather

A concrete coating isn’t the best candidate for a do-it-yourself project in any season, simply because of the many steps to completion as well as the wide breadth of equipment required. But in winter, it’s even more critical these steps are performed correctly. Otherwise, you could see a premature failure of the concrete coating — a major disappointment.

Cold Weather Challenges

It’s not fun to work outside in the cold, unless you’re readily prepared for the task and can get it done quickly. Low temperatures also mean the materials you’re working with may not perform as you’d expect. Liquids become thicker, and there is the risk of freezing. It can take longer for coatings to cure.

But while cold weather challenges are legitimate, there are factors to consider when working in hot weather as well. Hot weather can dry out concrete coatings too quickly. Humidity can make it difficult for the coating to bond with the concrete like it should.

There are always weather challenges to overcome, but none too great that Packman’s Coatings can’t do an exceptional job, regardless of season.

Make Sure All Residue Is Removed

The first step to a successful concrete coating project is making sure all residue is removed from the surface. In summer, that means dirt and dust. In winter, that also means salt and de-icing chemicals. You need a clean slate for the coating to bond.

The Surface Must Be Dry

There should not be any moisture on the surface of the concrete at the time of application. In cold weather, this means ice too. It can be challenging to remove every trace of moisture, but it’s imperative to the outcome of the project.

No Additional Solvents Necessary

It might be tempting to add solvents to the mix to offset how the temperature change affects the coating material. Don’t do it. Adding solutions can compromise the performance of your coating, since manufacturers did not intend for the additives to become a part of the mix.

Why Depend on Us

For best results, trust professionals in all seasons, but especially when applying concrete coatings in cold weather. Packman’s Coatings is the team for you. Call today for your personalized free quote! From garage floors to showrooms, we are your go-to resource for all aspects of the concrete coating process.