Choosing the Right Topcoat for Your Garage Floor 

Your garage floor’s topcoat will determine the finished look of your project. It will also determine how the floor performs under a number of conditions. It’s important to choose wisely before you invest in refinishing your concrete surface.

Topcoat for Your Garage Floor

What to Look For

What’s most important to you about your garage floor’s new surface? Are you looking for a topcoat that’s resistant to chemical spills? A slip-proof surface? Are you interested in a glossy, shiny, showroom-like finish?

Your options depend on your priorities.

The Benefits of Epoxy

You can use epoxy as a clear coat for your concrete. In fact, it’s one of the most cost-effective options. When affordability is your main concern, epoxy is the answer.

Epoxy has a great chemical resistance. If you spill oil or other fluids when you work on your car, it can protect against staining better than other finishes. However, one of the drawbacks to consider is that epoxy can be slippery when wet. It’s also not as clear as other options and its abrasion resistance is low.

Why Polyurethane Could Be a Good Choice

Polyurethane is another great option for refinishing your garage floor. With a high chemical resistance just like epoxy, but with the addition of a high abrasion resistance as well, you’re getting more from your topcoat.

Polyurethane cures as a crystal-clear product, ensuring you see the beauty of the concrete beneath. It is a UV-stable product, so it won’t yellow or fade the appearance of the concrete. You can opt for a glossy or satin finish.

The drawback you’ll see from polyurethane is you’ll probably you need more than one coat, since it’s thin. You’ll also need to prepare the concrete properly beforehand because it doesn’t bond with bare concrete.

When You’re Making a Concrete Coating Decision

At Packman’s Coatings, we pride ourselves on providing full education for our clients on all things related to concrete coatings. Come to the experts for answers when you are looking for direction on a topcoat for your garage floor. Not only can we help correct any misconceptions you may have about various coating options, you’ll also get an itemized quote for us to complete the work for you.

Applying a topcoat correctly is an important factor in its long-term durability, so make sure you have a professional team on your side to help you — Packman’s Coatings.