Choosing Your Epoxy Coating Color

Deciding on epoxy coating color is a difficult process when you realize the extent of the options you have! Your concrete will be anything but boring when you work with Packman’s Coatings to refinish the surface.

Choosing Your Epoxy Coating Color

Your worn-out garage or basement floor can be revitalized with our help, but it starts with your taste. What do you envision when it comes to your finished epoxy coating? Answer the questions below to help decide color and texture.

What’s the Lighting Situation?

Choosing an epoxy coating color that looks sharp in the space begins with assessing the lighting. How much or how little light the room receives will dictate the final look. What looks one way on paper could look entirely different when it’s installed.

If you don’t have much light infiltration, dark colors will only make the room seem darker. On the other hand, this could be motivation to upgrade your lighting as well!

What Mood Are You Going for?

What is the ambiance you want to convey? Your choice of epoxy coating color will determine the environment you create.

Blue and green are calm colors, yellow and red are creative, and black and gray are stately and classy! Think about how you want to use your space and that will inform the direction of the creative expression.

Do You Have a Theme in Mind?

Many homeowners use their garage as their hangout spot. It’s where you go to kick back, relax and tinker with your bike or antique vehicle. Because your garage is your escape, it should be representative of you and your interests!

From adding the Harley-Davidson logo to unique designs, you can customize your epoxy coating in countless ways to be consistent with the theme of your space.

Consider the Color of Your Car

If you want your car to look like it’s in a showroom, choose an epoxy coating color that accentuates the beauty of its exterior. A bright, shiny red sports car will look amazing on a glossy dark floor. We have plenty of advice for you if you’re looking for an outside opinion!

Consider Maintenance Needs as Well

Remember that lighter colors will show dirt and grime more than darker shades. Still, epoxy is a great product because it’s easy to clean. Assess your ability to maintain your floor on a day-to-day basis before you make a decision.

Let’s Talk Design!

One of our favorite parts of the job is designing an eye-catching coating just for you. We can do personalized designs, from the logo of your favorite sports team to your business logo! Depend on Packman’s Coatings for an exciting new look for your new epoxy coating — we have a wide color selection to fit any style.