Common Waterproofing Myths Debunked

There are a number of misconceptions out there when it comes to several areas of home improvement, and one such area is waterproofing. Many people don’t really understand how this process works, or don’t realize the benefits it may have for several areas of the home during every season of the year.

At Packman’s Coatings, we provide vital waterproof concrete coatings for several surfaces, from decks to patios and garage floors. We also provide accurate, detailed information on what these services can do for you and why you might be right to consider them. With that in mind, let’s go over some of the most common myths out there surrounding waterproofing, plus set the record straight on each of them.
common waterproofing myths debunked

Myth #1: It’s Too Expensive

For starters, anyone claiming waterproofing is too expensive is taking a strange approach when speaking so generally – all waterproofing jobs are different, and the cost will depend on the precise needs. In many cases, discounts will be available for large enough areas.

More importantly, though, you have to consider waterproofing from a long-term standpoint. Even if the up-front cost is more than you had imagined, remember that this is an investment for decades into your future. Instead of paying thousands in water and other damages down the line, pay a smaller amount now and protect yourself from any risks here.

Myth #2: Black Tar Paint

Some people assume that if they just buy some black tar paint and apply it themselves to important areas, they can skip professional waterproofing services. However, this is simply false – black tar paint is only good for keeping our vapors, not actual moisture or water damage. It will not protect your home from leaks anywhere near the same way a professionally installed waterproofing system will.

Myth #3: It’s All the Same

On the flip side, you might assume that because waterproofing solutions worked for one area of your property, they will work for all others. But in reality, different areas may require different waterproofing solutions – you need pros like ours who are adaptable and understand the full range of waterproofing needs that may be present for a home. We can talk to you about areas that can receive similar solutions compared to those that need something unique.

Myth #4: It’s Not Permanent

Finally, many people don’t want to pay for waterproofing because they believe it won’t last – but these folks have likely dealt with people who aren’t dedicated professionals in the field, such as general handymen or landscapers. These professionals, while good at their jobs, may not have the same kinds of high-quality waterproofing solutions we do. Our technologies are both permanent and effective for waterproofing, meaning you won’t be returning every few years for costly upgrades.

For more on correcting myths on waterproof coatings, or to learn about any of our concrete or epoxy coatings, speak to the pros at Packman’s Coatings today.