Concrete Flooring’s 5 Often Overlooked Benefits

Concrete flooring doesn’t get the widespread attention it should, at least in our opinion.

When you consider the different types of flooring you could install in your finished basement, garage workshop or anywhere in your home, concrete flooring might not be the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, you may be worried about how you’re going to cover your concrete. But if you invest in an upgraded finish, you’ll to enjoy five little-known benefits.

concrete flooring

1. Easy Cleaning!

Finished concrete is one of the easiest surfaces to clean once it’s sealed. Since epoxy coatings and polished finishes provide a protective barrier, it’s unlikely that the concrete will stain.

Spills won’t even sink into the surface. It’s why it’s the floor of choice for many chemical manufacturing facilities — it’s safe and easy to sanitize. It’s also why it’s the floor of choice for many homeowners, auto shop repair owners and more. No crevices for bacteria and dirt to lodge!

2. Economical to Install

As one of the lowest-cost flooring options, it’s a wonder more people don’t go with concrete flooring. Concrete is a cheap building material, and the cost to install epoxy or an acid finish is much lower than the cost of purchasing flooring materials to cover the entire space, especially if you’re comparing concrete to real wood or high-quality tile.

You can get similar results for a much lower cost when you choose concrete flooring.

3. Myriad Design Options

When you’re selecting wood or tile floors, there is a limit on the number of styles and colors you can find. With concrete, your options are nearly endless. With the ability to match color, tone and overall design, you have much more control over the details, ensuring you end up with exactly the floor you wanted.

4. It’s the “Green” Choice

Since most floors already have concrete beneath them, you’re saving on sourcing other materials when you simply refinish the slab that’s already there. If you’re looking for the environmentally friendly option of flooring selections, this is it.

5. Durability That Beats the Competition

Everyone wants a durable floor, but wood gets scratched and tile cracks. You won’t have the same worries with concrete. It’s hard, strong and can last a lifetime if it’s maintained through regular sealing. What’s not to like?

Create Your Floor Your Way

At Packman’s Coatings, we’re excited to see your creativity. Do you want a toned, marble-like finish or a sleek, glossy, vibrant color? When our skills meet your vision, amazing things can happen, and we are ready to create the concrete flooring of your dreams.