Concrete Staining or Epoxy Coating: Which Is Right for You?

Is concrete staining or epoxy coating the better way to finish your floors?

When you’ve had enough of your chipped, dirty concrete, the best way to make a change is by refinishing the surface, not by tearing it up! You can re-do the look of your concrete with either concrete staining or epoxy coating, but the final products look quite different.

Concrete Staining or Epoxy Coating

Which option is right for your garage floor?

What’s the Difference?

The concrete staining process involves grinding down the concrete and applying a water or acid-based stain to the surface. When finished, the concrete looks polished and glossy, more like natural stone than concrete.

An epoxy coating is applied on top of concrete. While the surface must be prepared to accept it, it adds up to one-quarter of an inch of thickness to the floor. You also have more control over the color and appearance. An epoxy finish can include multicolored flecks in the surface as well.

Why Choose Epoxy?

The best part about epoxy coatings is that even if the underlying concrete is severely damaged, it doesn’t matter. The epoxy material covers up the damage without an issue, leaving a smooth, level finish behind.

Another great advantage of epoxy is its resistance to chemicals and abrasions. It doesn’t stain, it can withstand thermal shock and it is slip-resistant. It requires little maintenance, so it’s ideal for a work environment, such as your home garage.

When Staining Is Preferred

Concrete staining is more of a transformative product rather than a replacement finish. While epoxy covers concrete, a stain simply changes its appearance.

Staining is best when you want to give your concrete a new look, but preserve its natural appearance. Keep in mind there may be more maintenance involved with concrete staining, as the surface is still porous. But it won’t be dull and dusty — it’ll be polished and shiny.

It’s Up to You

At Packman’s Coatings, we give you the information and you make the decision. If you’d like to see examples of concrete staining or epoxy coating jobs we’ve done, call us today! We can provide before-and-after pictures, as well as a free quote for your floors.