Concrete Waterproofing and Avoiding Deck Hazards

At Packman’s Coatings, one of the top uses of our waterproof concrete coatings is on various decks and patios. Many decks are not treated with the proper seals against various moisture and weather conditions when they’re first installed, but our services can apply a long-lasting seal that protects wood fiber and keeps the deck both dry and safe.

This last element – deck safety – is one we’re proud to assist many clients with in several areas. Our years of experience working with a variety of decks has taught us a lot about their overall safety elements and what matters here, both in terms of our waterproofing services and several related areas. Let’s take a look at some of the most important deck safety concerns out there, starting with waterproofing.

concrete waterproofing avoiding deck hazards

Waterproofing Areas

Waterproofing is highly valuable from an aesthetic and value standpoint; it protects your concrete surfaces from damage and cracks that don’t look good, plus helps keep the value of important concrete areas high. These factors are important for homeowners everywhere.

But on top of these, the safety benefits brought by professional waterproofing services cannot be ignored. Some of the top signs that waterproofing is needed are actually issues that directly impact safety – things like broken or loose flashings or other deck elements are often the first visible red flags, and these can also be significant hazards. There’s also the risk of soft spots that trip walkers, as well as the possibility of slips or falls due to moisture in areas where it shouldn’t be. Not only are you making an investment in your home and it’s value with waterproofing, you’re investing in the safety of you and your family.

Other Warning Signs

There are a few other related signs that might show that your waterproofing is lacking, or that some element of the deck overall is unsafe and might need an upgrade. A couple important areas to keep in mind:

  • Deck connectors: Are you noticing rust or other issues near your deck connectors? This can be a sign that water is making its way in unimpeded, but also may show that the entire structural integrity of the deck is at risk and requires repairs.
  • Wood board issues: If you see wood boards that are cracked, splintered, warped or soft and spongy in certain areas, you’re likely experiencing wood rot due to lack of waterproofing. This is also a structural risk.

Safety Elements to Consider

On top of ensuring your deck is properly waterproofed, here are a few other basic safety themes we can recommend:

  • Railings: Railings are recommended for all decks that are more than a step high, especially if you have small children or pets.
  • Anchors: Decks need to be properly anchored to the ground, a factor that’s of particular importance during and after strong wind or storms.
  • Missing pieces: If any weather event causes a physical piece of the deck, such as a railing, fastener or any other element, to detach, you should remedy this immediately for safety.

For more on waterproofing and deck safety, or to learn about any of our concrete coatings, speak to the staff at Packman’s Coatings today.