Deck Waterproofing Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to several important areas of your home, waterproofing is a vital necessity. Moisture finding its way into certain areas of the home can lead to everything from structural damage to mold formation, and also can set you up for major costs in terms of repair or replacement of affected areas.

At Packman’s Coatings, we’re here to help with our waterproof concrete coatings. Perfect for decks, patios and other similar areas, these coatings have all the sealing power needed to combat the heavy Utah environment, which can include regular snow and ice during winter. We need your help, though – we can’t bring our fantastic coating services to your home or building unless you’re consciously aware of any issues with your current waterproofing and what they might be telling you. Here are some mistakes we see clients make in this area, plus what to be looking out for.

Mistake #1: Ignoring Signs

The first mistake here is also the most common one: Simply ignoring the more obvious signs of potential water damage due to badly coated concrete. One such sign is smell – when you enter your basement or attic and there’s water damage present, you can usually detect it based on the musky or damp odor it gives off. Another sign could be visible leaks in lower areas of the home, such as crawl spaces.

At the first indication these signs are present, call our professionals about re-sealing the above areas. Waiting to do this will only increase the damage being done, which will cost you more down the line.

deck waterproofing mistakes avoid

Mistake #2: Cheap Fixes

Some homeowners think waterproofing is too expensive, so they try for cheaper quick fixes like homemade seals or store-bought covers. But these products don’t actually address the root of the issue, instead just putting a temporary Band-Aid on it – and once again, it will be more expensive to fix down the line when this Band-Aid eventually falls off, which it will.

Mistake #3: Soil Slope Issues

One common cause of water issues near the home is sloping – if the ground near your home leads toward it, particularly in the soil directly outside the home, you risk significant leaks and water problems. In addition, a warm basement will shoot heat into the soil around your foundation, making it more spongy and potentially leading to water soaking up faster.

Mistake #4: No/Wrong Professional Assistance

Unless you’re a certified waterproofing professional, we don’t recommend attempting to fix your waterproofing issues on your own. This job requires more than just a brush and some waterproof paint – paint is really just coating, and isn’t actually the part of our process that provides you with high-quality waterproofing.

Furthermore, like any situation where you’re hiring people to work on your home, you have to make the right choice. Not all waterproofing companies are equal, and we invite you to compare us to our local competition – we’re confident our reputation and history will speak for itself.

For more on avoiding common waterproofing mistakes, or to learn about any of our deck coating or other concrete coating services, speak to the pros at Packman’s Coatings today.