DIY Epoxy Coatings vs. Professional Grade Products

DIY epoxy coatings promise a lot, but do they deliver?

You aren’t the first homeowner to consider coating your worn-out concrete yourself, and you also aren’t the first to question whether it’s worth your time and money. What gives better, cost-effective, long-lasting results — DIY epoxy coatings or professional epoxy installation?


When you know the difference between DIY epoxy coatings and professional grade finishes, you aren’t under any false impressions about what off-the-shelf products can or can’t do when you’re looking for a flooring transformation.

It Starts with Product Quality

DIY epoxy coatings are cheap. That’s because they’re made of cheap ingredients. DIY materials are thin and watery. They’re water-based, which means all of the dense, tensile resins that make up a typical professional mix are diluted. This makes it easier to apply (for non-professionals) and the mix goes further.

But think about what you’re getting: a brittle, thin coating that simply isn’t as durable as a professional coating made of 100 percent epoxy.

Preparation Is a Vital Step

Your DIY kit might tell you how to do basic acid washing of the concrete, but DIY preparation isn’t in-depth enough to remove the stains that are prompting you to refinish your flooring in the first place.

Professionals take the time to carefully inspect the concrete, using diamond grinding to remove stains and smooth out the top, allowing for an even, durable bond between the epoxy and the floor. All the cracks and pits you see in your concrete that won’t disappear with a DIY approach are easily handled by an industry professional.

It’s All in the Technique

Broadcasting the color flakes into the epoxy correctly is a highly technical skill that ultimately determines whether your floor looks like it was finished by an amateur. Without practice and the right tools, you don’t achieve the same effect.

How Epoxy Is Finished Dictates its Life Span

Similar to the quality of the epoxy itself, the quality of the topcoat (and the method used to apply it) will have a lasting effect on how the epoxy stands up to wear and tear. The thin, watered-down top coating included in DIY kits — if a top coating is included at all — isn’t enough to create a durable, protective, glossy finish.

You Need the Right Equipment

DIY epoxy coatings typically come in kits. The manufacturer includes basic application tools or instructs you on what to buy to get the job done. Sure, you could try to buy professional-grade products, but you may not have the tools to apply them correctly.

Even if you can find a professional-level product for sale, it’s probably not worth your money to buy the specialized tools that go along with it, since you won’t use them often. You need a pro: Packman’s Coatings.

Need Help from the Professionals?

DIY epoxy coatings will not deliver lasting performance — you need professional-grade products and our proven skills. Work with Packman’s Coatings and get the durable, beautiful epoxy floor you deserve. Call us today for a free quote for your space!