Epoxy Coatings Make Your Home More Marketable

Epoxy coatings offer so many advantages, especially if you install them right before you list your property for sale.

Epoxy Coatings Make Your Home More Marketable


Since they last a long time, you can install them long before you sell to take advantage of the benefits yourself. But never overlook how epoxy coatings can make the case to a buyer looking for the best on the market. If you’re trying to drive up home price or simply make your home stand out, installing epoxy coatings is a high-ROI improvement.

What Is a Home Buyer Looking for?

While there are some buyers who want to fix up their new place themselves, most would likely agree that the less work they have to do, the better. And if they’re partial to working in their garage, you can bet that’s one of the areas they will examine to see if the space works for their purposes.

They want low maintenance, high performance and of course, they want a property to look good. Epoxy coatings hit every mark.

Low Maintenance for the Long Term

Once epoxy is installed, you can look forward to years of function without any expensive, time-consuming maintenance. It doesn’t chip or crack like a paint coating would, and it’s easy to keep clean and beautiful. If it gets damaged, it’s a low-cost, easy repair that quickly restores the surface to normal.

High Performance and Durability

Epoxy coatings are chemical-resistant. Since they’re strong enough to be installed in industrial laboratories, they’ll work for your home garage or basement too. The surface will stand up to all types of spills without staining or eroding.

Rolling a heavy toolbox across tile or concrete could wear down the surface over time, but not so with epoxy. Epoxy is moisture resistant and doesn’t scratch. It’s the ultimate in durability, offering a near-permanent solution for the prospective home buyer.

It also makes the environment safer. Since epoxy evens out the floor and covers cracks, it’s less likely anyone will trip and fall. You can also choose a slip-resistant finish so that if you spill a substance like oil, the material’s compound makeup will protect against injuries.

Aesthetics They Can Be Proud Of

Every new homeowner wants to show off their new investment. With epoxy coatings, your garage can be that showroom they’re looking for. Aesthetics play a big role in the overall value of epoxy, since it covers cement stains and unsightly cracks. It’s one of the fastest renovations you’ll ever see!

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