Finished Concrete Makes Your Pool Look Good

When beautiful, finished concrete surrounds a sparkling, crystal-clear swimming pool, that’s when heat, stress and troubles melt away. You enter your backyard oasis, and your day instantly gets better. When you host fun summer parties, your friends don’t want to leave.

We believe your concrete pool surround is important. In fact, we think finished concrete makes your outdoor retreat shine.

Finished Concrete Makes Your Pool Look Good

Natural Stone, without the Cost

A finished concrete surface can replicate high-end stone, but it’s cheaper than the real thing. It can be costly to install authentic stone around your pool — a bill you might want to avoid after the initial pool installation and the ongoing cost of the upkeep.

Depend on our team to refinish dusty, gray concrete and make it into a work of art that catches more eyes than the pool.

You Get Custom Control

When you opt for finished concrete, you get complete control over the look. You can choose from a nearly endless array of colors and textures. For the homeowner with a clear vision for their back yard, you have more options than what plain old concrete can provide. You can get custom, and for an affordable price.

Weather the Seasons

A strong finish will help your pool deck hold up to changing seasons better than unprotected concrete. When your pool deck is sealed, it will maintain its integrity and its appearance and will be less susceptible to scaling. In Utah, this is key.

You might only be able to use your pool for a portion of the year, but you don’t want to have to make concrete repairs every season. Finished concrete helps prevent repeated repair costs.

It’s Not Just About Looks

Finished concrete is an upgrade in the aesthetics department, but it’s definitely not the top reason to work on your pool deck surround. You can create a nonslip surface that enhances swimmer safety and reduces the risk of injuries on your property. Pools are enough of a liability — do what you can to protect your guests and your interests!

Long-Lasting Beauty with Minimal Maintenance

If you could reduce the hours you spend preparing your pool area every year, would you? That’s what finished concrete guarantees. Yes, you’ll need to reseal it every few years, but it’s a definitive upgrade that sets your back yard apart and protects against stains and weathering damage. It adds safety and value while it improving aesthetics.

Make your guests ooh and aah: Get finished concrete today from Packman’s Coatings. We offer free quotes and plenty of rave reviews from past customers who can’t say enough good things about our work. Call today to learn more!