How Coatings Help With Tire Marks

First impressions of homes are often a very big deal, particularly if you’re thinking about selling anytime in the near future, and one detractor from a beautiful home appearance is tire marks in the driveway or on your garage floor. These marks can directly impact home curb appeal, and for many homeowners, they become a priority for maintenance just like mowing the lawn or planting flowers.

At Packman’s Coatings, our concrete coating and staining solutions can directly benefit you in this area. Did you realize that epoxy coatings not only limit the potential for tire marks in the first place, but also make them far easier to clean off in cases where they do show up? Let’s look at how tire marks form in the first place, plus why it’s so much easier to keep your garage and driveway free of them if you have epoxy coatings on your concrete.

coatings help tire marks

Tire Mark Causes

Tires are made using rubber, but to get a little more detailed, they use items called “plasticizers.” Plasticizers can be made from a few different polymer compounds, each of which are designed to give some level of flexibility to the rubber used in the tire. Plasticizers play a role in everything from basic tire traction to tire performance in cold weather, plus much more.

When plasticizers become hot, however, they can leach out from the tires themselves. And it’s easy for this to happen – the friction created with the road while you drive can often lead to this kind of heat. It can also happen when your car sits for a long time in a single position, a process called plasticizer migration that’s most common if the car is sitting out in the sun.

Removing Marks From Epoxy Coated-Floors

If you have epoxy coatings on your driveway and garage floor, you’re in great shape if you run into tire plasticizers leaching out and creating tire marks. These marks are usually very easy to clean, requiring nothing more than some basic soap and water and a little elbow grease. This is just one of the numerous benefits these coatings offer – they even help limit this leaching from happening in the first place, as these surfaces aren’t as conducive to this process as uncoated concrete.

Removing Marks From Non-Coated Floors

If your concrete is not coated, on the other hand, you’ll run into many more issues when it comes to removing stains and tire marks. Concrete degreasers sometimes work, but they also may not, depending on how long the tire tracks have had time to sink in for. You can also consider various chemical solvents and cleaners along with a pressure washer, though your results may vary and your costs will be far higher than the simple soap and water needed for a coated floor.

For more on removing tire marks from your concrete, or to learn about any of our concrete coating solutions, speak to the pros at Packman’s Coatings today.