How Waterproof Concrete Coatings Keep Your Family Safe

For those who haven’t worked with them before, waterproof concrete coatings may seem like a purely aesthetic concern. They keep whatever surface they’re applied to looking brand new and minimize basic upkeep requirements, and this convenience is absolutely an important chunk of what makes waterproof coatings so valuable.

At Packman’s Coatings, however, we’re here to tell you that our waterproof concrete coatings provide another vital service: Protecting you and your family from the potential for a few health and safety concerns that might otherwise be present. Let’s break down the connection between concrete coating and family safety in the home, with a nod to some of the areas you may not have considered before.concrete coatings

Health Concerns

Have you ever been in a friend’s home basement and noticed a consistent musty smell? This is usually due to a water leak present somewhere on the property, one that’s seeping down to the lowest area of the home and may have contributed to the formation of mold and mildew in the basement area.

Many homeowners don’t realize it, but toxic black mold – the most harmful kind out there, and one that threatens the health of humans and pets alike – can grow in just 24 to 48 hours in the right conditions. It can lead to everything from skin allergies to headaches, fever, coughs, eye irritation, or even the early onset of asthma in many children.

One way to remove this risk entirely? Strong concrete waterproofing. Concrete that allows water to seep through is one of the top causes of all the issues listed above, but you can prevent this once and for all with our services.

Strong Foundation

Another area that’s directly benefited by good waterproofing is your home’s foundation. Water damage is one of the largest risks to the foundation, with the potential for cracks or other damage that forms out of sight over the years. If it’s bad enough, the home’s entire structure can become damaged and the building will be unsafe.

Once again, though, waterproofing prevents this. It keeps water from seeping into the foundation and causing these issues to begin with.

Fewer Risks

Many families use the basement as extra space, whether it’s for a child playroom area, exercise, leisure or some combination therein. Why worry that any member of your family is at risk when in this area? Avoid the possibility of flooding, leaking, dry rot, or the inhalation of black mold that might take place with water buildup. Peace of mind is very important for many homeowners and their families, and waterproofing is one of the top ways to achieve it in this area.

For more on how waterproofing services help protect you and your family, or to learn about any of our concrete polishing, waterproofing or coating services, speak to the pros at Packman’s Coatings today.