Resurface Your Concrete Pool Deck Before Summer

Your concrete pool deck is the site of so many fun summer memories. But there comes a time when it needs resurfacing to keep providing the same support. When you have settling, erosion and general surface wear and tear, resurfacing can be a great way to give your pool deck the facelift it needs to be functional and beautiful this season.

Resurface your concrete pool deck before summer

What are some key giveaways that your pool deck desperately needs maintenance and attention?

Cracking and Scaling

Concrete cracks don’t look good. More importantly, they can be dangerous on a pool deck as a trip hazard.

Concrete cracking is usually a result of settling. Settling is normal after concrete installation, but it can be worse when the soil beneath wasn’t properly compacted before it was poured. Before any resurfacing project can be successful, it’s important that cracks are filled and sealed.

Scaling and flaking occur when the concrete is subjected to the repeated freeze/thaw cycles of winter, which is unavoidable. The porous surface absorbs moisture, then it freezes and expands, putting pressure on the surface. After a few winters go by, this can lead to the loose, flaky texture on the surface known as scaling. Before resurfacing can take place, we’ll grind this surface layer down until it’s gone.

Staining and Discoloration

Gasoline from the lawnmower or stains from a pool party can mar your concrete surface and leave unsightly patches of discoloration. It’s another reason to invest in resurfacing — you don’t want your backyard retreat looking run-down. By installing a new coating, you’re rejuvenating the look, adding value to your property.

Rough Textures or Slippery Surfaces

No one wants to scrape their bare feet on rough concrete. And slippery concrete is even worse — it could cause harmful accidents and injuries you would be responsible for. Resurfacing a concrete pool deck can ensure that you get a newly finished product. Put a nonslip surface into the bargain and create a safer environment.

Proper Prep Is Key

Of course, it’s not possible for just anyone to resurface the area — you need a pro.

The top reason you’ll benefit from the expertise of the team at Packman’s Coatings is that we take surface preparation seriously. Our coatings last longer and perform better because we grind down, prime and prep every surface before we enter the application phase. This ensures quality output and a better value for our customers.

We Love Transforming Outdoor Spaces

At Packman’s Coatings, we fully support your efforts to turn your outdoor areas into the summer escapes you’ve always pictured them to be, regardless of what the years do to your concrete. Trust us for comprehensive, complete concrete pool deck resurfacing services, and you’ll be so happy you chose Packman’s Coatings, you’ll be ready to jump into the pool!