Sealing a Garage Floor: Is It Too Late?

Is sealing a garage floor OK to do if it’s chipped and stained? Will you still get the results you want? And will your garage floor look the same, or can you expect a big difference, even if it’s old?

Sealing a Garage Floor

With the right equipment, supplies and techniques, your decades-old garage floor can look like new again. Age is but a number — epoxy can make your floor better than ever!

How Does Your Concrete Look?

A high-quality preparation and sealing process can remedy many imperfections, from oil stains to uneven spalling. What can’t concrete sealing do? Well, sealing doesn’t do any good on cracked or sinking concrete, so it’s important that these issues are repaired beforehand.

And it doesn’t matter how old concrete is — it can have cracks even when it’s freshly poured. So make sure you stay realistic about what to expect from sealing, and outsource the work to a repair company that has dealt with concrete issues before.

It’s More Important That You Let it Cure

When concrete is poured, it’s important that it finish curing before it’s sealed permanently. Some sealant manufacturers recommend waiting at least 30 days for the concrete to solidify, while some professionals recommend waiting a year.

Talk to your concrete installer and your concrete coating expert about what’s best. Depending on the mix and the timeline, it may be better to wait to seal your garage floor.

Why Sealing Is Right for Your Garage

Yes, sealing a garage floor can mask surface imperfections, but coating the concrete is good for other reasons as well. For instance, you don’t have to rush to clean up spills and messes — the floor is protected against future stains.

Also, the reflective surface of a sealed garage floor can add brightness to the space. Depending on the coating you choose, it can reduce slip hazards, making your space safer. It’s not just an aesthetic change!

It’s Never Too Late … Unless You Have a Moisture Problem

Sealing your garage floor might not be possible if you have moisture in your garage. This is typically the only scenario where we don’t recommend sealing right away, mainly because you should deal with the cause of the moisture first. It could be due to a plumbing leak or a drainage issue.

Trust Packman’s Coatings when sealing a garage floor is what you want, but not a job you can tackle on your own. That’s where we come in, offering high-quality, professional concrete coatings at an affordable price. Call today to get your free quote!