Should You Acid Stain Your Concrete?

An acid stain sounds so intense! Is it really the right finishing method for your concrete floors?

garage floor moisture

If you aren’t familiar with acid stain, you have no idea what to expect or how it compares to your other flooring options. You might be considering laying flooring on top of your concrete, or going with a different type of concrete coating. But acid stain might deliver the end result you’re looking for.

It’s Indestructible

Acid stained concrete is one of the most durable types of flooring. It’s basically indestructible. It doesn’t fade, chip or stain. You don’t have to do anything to maintain it. You can wax it if you want to, but if you don’t, nothing bad will happen. If durability is your main priority, look no further.

They’re Beautiful

Acid staining concrete is an art as well as a science. You can find incredibly beautiful acid stained floors created by experienced appliers who have been trained in the right techniques. On the other hand, you can find examples of botched applications too.

You can have the beauty of acid stained floors, but only if you choose the right contractor to handle the job. Acid stain can make concrete look like marble, slate or any other stone, real or imagined.

You Can Customize

With an infinite color palette and a wide range of techniques, acid staining is perfect for the creative homeowner who wants their concrete to look like no one else’s, or to mesh with a specific design profile. The finished product’s rich, glossy textures will guarantee you get asked, “This is concrete?”

They’re Affordable

This concrete finishing technique is cost-effective. Compare an acid stain job to the cost of getting natural stone flooring installed, and you’ll be convinced. Plus, it’s a one-time charge and you basically never need to spend another cent on the floor again. It’s now a permanent, maintenance-free part of your home.

It Works Anywhere

We often do acid stain finishing in garages, but there are so many areas of your home or business where this type of floor could work well. A kitchen, restaurant, showroom, office — the possibilities abound.

Say Goodbye to Your Dull Concrete

The dull days are over. Once you’ve seen the potential from acid stain techniques, there is no going back to the dingy, dirty, plain gray concrete flooring you’re used to. Talk to Packman’s Coatings and get a quote on revamping your concrete, whether at home or at your business. We’re happy to handle the job!