Signs Your Deck Needs Waterproofing

At Packman’s Coatings, we’re proud to offer numerous concrete coating services to protect various areas of your home or business from the elements and potential wear and tear. One such offering is our waterproof concrete coatings, which we apply to decks and other areas to keep them looking great and limit your maintenance concerns.

Before we can get to work protecting these areas of your home, however, you have to first identify the signs that waterproofing might be needed on your deck. There are several notable red flags that might lead you in this direction – here are a few of the most common.

signs deck needs waterproofin

Stains Below

One of the first and most easily noticeable signs that your deck is in dire need of waterproofing is the presence of stains on the underside of your deck. If your deck is on a higher floor of the home, you’ll be able to see these stains easily when you stand underneath it. These spots will be most commonly found directly after a rain or snow storm, and are particularly visible on wood products. They also commonly show up on concrete decks as well, however, and this is a sign that waterproofing is badly needed.

Soft Spots

This is another factor that’s seen more often in wooden decks, though it can be found across all materials. If you’ve noticed plywood that’s become soft in certain areas, this is often a sign that it’s rotting – or that it’s being infested by termites, which is even worse in some cases. The sooner you catch this the better, as it will allow you to correct any infestation and also get a waterproof coating down quickly to preserve your deck.

Visible Cracks

Wood is known for the way it can expand and contract, and moisture is the primary cause of this behavior. When dry wood absorbs moisture through cracks or other openings, it expands and contracts in ways that lead to cracking and splitting in the deck. If you have a wood deck and you notice these issues beginning to form, chances are waterproofing is the best solution for you.

Peeling or Flecking

Has it been a while since you stained your deck? Know that many stain types will require re-coating after a given period of time, and they may indicate this to you through peeling or flecking of stain materials. If you notice this, it could be a good idea to re-coat the stain and entirely waterproof the deck.

Broken or Loose Material

Both concrete and wooden decks can be damaged by a few different things, including weather and various sources of moisture. Check metal flashing as well as the entire deck, and if you notice defects, consider whether preventing water from entering could have avoided these issues.

For more on signs that your deck needs waterproofing, or to learn about any of our deck coating or concrete coating services, speak to the staff at Packman’s Coatings today.