What is Epoxy and Why Should You Add It To Your Floors?

A common question we get asked is what is epoxy. People love to talk about all the benefits of adding epoxy to concrete floors, but they often skip over basic understanding of what it is.

This substance is made out of synthetic polymers. It forms a material that appears to be like plastic only much stronger and more durable.

Once it’s set, epoxy is nonporous, which is why it’s water resistant. It’s applied on top of concrete and can be multicolored or clear. Epoxy will yellow overtime if exposed to too much UV light, so many people prefer to use it inside the home.

what is epoxy flooring


Now that you know what epoxy is, it’s time to understand why it’s so popular. Here are 5 benefits of it.

1. Strength and Longevity

One of the biggest reasons that people like to add epoxy to their concrete floors is because it helps their pavement last much longer.

This substance is incredibly strong and scratch resistant. If you’re tired of your concrete showing wear and tear over the years look into adding an epoxy top coat. Even if your concrete has been in use for 10 years, the epoxy layer will still make it look brand new.

2. Easy Cleaning

This solution is not only water resistant but it’s also chemical resistant as well. That means you don’t have to worry about unforgiveable damages if an oil spill was left on it over night.

Simply spray down the area and within a couple of minutes your floor will look bright and shiny again.

3. Beautiful and Diverse

Concrete by itself can be made to look pretty. However, when epoxy is added it competes with some of the most beautiful flooring. In fact, with the high gloss finish, it might even be mistaken for tile.

Epoxy comes in a variety of colors and designs. You’ll easily be able to find an incredible look for your home and style.

4. Safer

Lastly, and most importantly, epoxy gives you and your family better protection. Not only is it environmentally superior than its alternatives but it’s also fire resistant. That extra layer of protection can go a long way when problems arise.

However, the benefits don’t end there. Epoxy coats are not slippery or rough. They are resistant to bacteria and germs, and they improve visibility.

This is especially beneficial when installed in garages.

What Is Epoxy?

Epoxy is a unique coating that greatly benefits the floor it is on. While we’ve mentioned some of the most popular benefits of this process, there are many more waiting to be discovered by you and your family.

Here at Packman’s Coatings we install epoxy coats to concrete floors. We’ve worked with the material hundreds of times. This makes it easy for us to answer questions like what is epoxy?

If you have any more questions about sealing coats, concrete or pavement call us today! We can’t wait to answer them.