When Concrete Resurfacing Is Your Best Option

Is concrete resurfacing the best way to fix your pitted, stained garage floor, driveway, walkway or patio?

If your old concrete is worn-out and faded, it’s taking away from your curb appeal and your personal enjoyment of your home. What’s the ideal solution?

concrete resurfacing

Many homeowners automatically think replacing concrete is their best bet, but hold on one second: Have you heard of concrete resurfacing? It’s cheaper, faster and lasts longer. When you compare the two options, it’s clear which one you should choose.

Replacement Is Expensive and Time-Consuming

Think about how much work is involved with a concrete demolition job. You have to break apart the structure, transport it to a dumpster, clean up the mess and build a new supportive foundation for fresh concrete. Your home becomes a construction zone. And even after you get new concrete, you have to wait for it to cure before you can use it.

Overall, the costs quickly mount when you start adding up the expenses associated with a full replacement. It’s just not worth it, not when you have a better, more affordable option at your disposal: resurfacing.

Looking for an Economical Solution?

The best part about concrete resurfacing is that you get to keep your current slab. No demolition is involved. The team may grind down the surface to prepare it to effectively absorb the new coating, but any dust is easily vacuumed up right after. Altogether, it takes much less time to complete concrete resurfacing, meaning you pay less in labor.

Also, you don’t need to purchase as many materials — just the resurfacing products, not a whole new concrete structure.

Put Your Personal Stamp on It

Another benefit to resurfacing is you can add your own flair to your concrete. Colors and designs help you personalize the surface and make it “yours.” If you ripped out your current slab and replaced it, you might not have room left in your budget to add the designs that make your surface stand out.

Make Your Concrete Last

Finally, concrete resurfacing is a great alternative to replacement because it helps your concrete last longer. If you poured a new slab, unless you applied the same additional protective coatings, it’s only going to degrade like it did before. But resurfacing your stable slab means that you’ll see fewer stains, tire marks and imperfections — the new surface helps protect it!

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