Why a Waterproof Deck Coating Is a Smart Upgrade 

A waterproof deck coating allows you to enjoy your deck for years without premature aging due to the environment. In Utah, it’s even more important to prioritize preventive maintenance because of the extreme climate fluctuations from season to season.

Why a Waterproof Deck Coating Is a Smart Upgrade 

At Packman’s Coatings, our waterproof deck coating applications maintain your outdoor living space’s beauty and function and save you money on repairs over the course of time.

Safety First

One of the top benefits of a waterproof deck is its nonslip surface. You won’t have to warn guests before they step out onto the deck. Safety is a definite priority, especially when your home is the hub for every family gathering and summer party. Prevent injuries and reduce your liability with this safety measure.

A coating also helps limit the occurrence of splinters. That’s a plus for barefoot summer barbecues.

Prevent Material Deterioration

It doesn’t matter how old your deck is — a waterproof protective coating blocks more moisture from entering the wood. This can help prevent rot and decay from overtaking wood decks and keeps the structure strong and intact for decades.

It’s expensive to replace an entire deck. Put your home improvement budget toward improvements, not replacements. Use a waterproof deck coating to extend the life of yours.

Guard Against Property Damage

One major threat to your home is rot, but it’s not an issue many homeowners think about, until it spreads to their home. If your deck is overtaken by mold and mildew, your home’s siding is next. It spreads quickly, and if it’s not stopped, it can lead to major property damage and a big expense for you.

Trust Our Process

At Packman’s Coatings, we use only industry-best waterproof deck coating systems for our clients. It’s essential to put quality at the forefront in a difficult environment like Utah, where seasonal changes can be extreme and inflict significant wear and tear on natural materials.

Spring, summer and fall are ideal seasons for applying a waterproof deck coating, because it’s important the wood to be dry before application. This will ensure you see the greatest long-term benefit.

Interested in learning how much it costs? We can provide a quote for your deck. Don’t wait until water damage has its way! Call Packman’s Coatings today to schedule an appointment.