Why Low-Maintenance Garage Floor Coatings Are the Right Choice

Garage floor coatings can transform your stained, oily cement into a glossy platform worthy of a fancy car dealership.

Beyond looks, garage floor coatings offer plenty of additional benefits as well. They make it easy to clean up after an afternoon of mechanical work. They make you want to use your garage for what it is — a garage, where you can focus on your hobbies and relax.


Garage floor coatings can make a real difference for your home.

Get the Showroom Look at an Affordable Price

If you can’t count the number of times you’ve looked at your faded, stained concrete and wished for a do-over, you wouldn’t be alone. Plenty of homeowners are discouraged by the state of their garage floor, but they know it’s expensive to rip up old concrete and pour a fresh slab. In fact, it may not impossible to do so due to building code regulations.

Instead of spending thousands on a cosmetic repair, spend less and get an even better result!

Epoxy coatings give your garage a showroom look, but it’s extremely affordable. When it’s finished, your garage floor gleams and there is no sign of the tread marks and oil stains that used to bug you.

Make Cleaning an Easy Task

After the coating is applied, your life gets easier. Since coatings are impervious to chemicals and oil, you don’t have to rush to wipe up a spill before it penetrates the concrete. Your coating provides a strong protective layer, and you can simply wipe away fluids at your convenience.

It’s much easier to get the floor clean and keep it clean, and much less stressful, too.

Wear and Tear? What Wear and Tear?

Don’t worry about dropping a heavy wrench — the floor will no longer chip or crack with an epoxy coating applied correctly. The smooth surface you’ll see is what you’ll always see!

No-Worry Moisture Resistance

For homeowners in cold climates like Utah, moisture in the wintertime is an issue for concrete. Deicing salt and snow that ends up in your garage can take a toll on the concrete, but epoxy coatings prevent the usual side effects of the freeze/thaw cycle. You get excellent moisture resistance, which further contributes to the coating’s durability, even in cold weather.

Seal it and Forget It

Finally, remember that garage floor coatings give you one less thing to maintain. You don’t have to repaint every year. Once you have it professionally sealed, you can trust your floor will maintain its excellent qualities for years, especially if you hire Packman’s Coatings to handle the project.

Give us a call today for your personalized free quote, and ask us why garage floor coatings are one of our most popular jobs!