Our Concrete Coating Preparation Process

At Packman’s Coatings, it’s all about the process. You can hire just anyone to paint sealer on your concrete, but it won’t look good and it won’t last. To get superior, beautiful and durable results, the concrete coating preparation process must be executed properly, and that’s our focus as we begin each project.


Your Problem

Concrete is one of the world’s strongest and most affordable building materials, but it’s not immune to wear and tear. You may notice a number of issues with your concrete surfaces.

You may see dusty, crumbly residue on the slab. This could be the result of delamination. After your concrete is poured, the curing process solidifies and stabilizes the slab. But as the heavier materials settle, the lighter materials — air and excess water — rise to the surface. And if evaporation occurs too quickly, subsurface voids may develop. Over time, as the surface is used, these voids collapse, producing a mortar excess.

Concrete surface imperfections can also interfere with the proper application of your new coating, like pitting or uneven sections. Regardless of the issue, Packman’s Coatings uses two main surface preparation techniques to mitigate these problems.

Our Solutions: Concrete Coating Preparation in Utah

The main method we use for concrete coating preparation work is diamond grinding. The machine uses small diamond pieces to slowly grind away surface imperfections. Once we’re finished, the surface is smooth, even and ready for the new epoxy coating.

Part of what makes diamond grinding an ideal preparation technique is its ability to open the concrete’s pores. Afterward, the surface is ready to accept the epoxy material, allowing the coating to fully adhere to the slab and create a polished effect.

Our other method is shot blasting, which we use specifically for large-area projects. Our machine blasts small steel shot balls at the surface at a high velocity. This method is ideal for removing any contaminants or remnants of a previous coating. Once complete, the surface will successfully bond with the new coating material.

Shot blasting is extremely effective, no matter the project size, but it specifically allows our crew to prepare large surfaces in a short time frame. We can also target precise sections that need work. Best of all, no chemicals are used in the preparation process — your concrete is stripped, smoothed and ready for a coating in no time.

We’re Focused on Quality and Longevity with Concrete Coating Preparation

One of the central reasons we take the time to carefully prepare your concrete is because we are committed to producing superior results that last for years. We aren’t interested in a quick fix for your faded, crumbling concrete floors. We only deliver completed projects that amaze — that’s our promise.

When concrete is prepared correctly, it sets the tone for the rest of the project and dictates how the coating will perform in the decades to come. When you trust Packman’s Coatings, you know your concrete floors are prepared the right way, every time.