Concrete staining is growing in popularity because it looks elegant but it’s affordable. Concrete floors offer many advantages such as durability with little maintenance. And with concrete staining, you can add aesthetic appeal to the list! Packman’s Coatings offers professional concrete staining services that will drastically improve the look of your concrete surfaces.


Concrete Staining in Utah: Get a High-Class Look without the Cost

A granite, marble or travertine floor is exponentially more expensive than concrete, but some Utah homeowners splurge because they just love the look and feel of the gleaming natural stone. Did you know you can still achieve the same effect, only for much less money?

Cut your costs significantly and let Packman’s Coatings handle your concrete floor staining. We can use specialized techniques to mimic the look of the natural stone you adore, or we can stain the surface colors of your choosing. Either way, your floors will stand out and you’ll still have money left in your renovation budget.

You Will Have Durable, Sustainable Floors

Concrete staining makes your floors look good, and that’s important. But how will they function? This may be the most important factor of all. The news is good when it comes to glossy, finished stained concrete: It’s one of the most durable flooring options available.

Stained concrete is amazingly resistant to wear and tear. You don’t have to worry about water damage and the warping and buckling that’s a concern with wood. It’s extremely strong, so it stands up to abuse.

Concrete staining ensures your floors aren’t going to chip as they might if you simply painted them. There is no peeling to contend with — simply re-seal them periodically throughout the years.

Besides its low maintenance costs, concrete also improves energy bills by absorbing and releasing heat. Your HVAC system will get a break, and your whole home will feel more comfortable.

Experts Apply Concrete Staining Correctly

Concrete staining is a complex process that’s best handled by the professionals at Packman’s Coatings. Our goal is to achieve the rich color and custom design you’re looking for, and to do that we invest in top-of-the-line equipment and spend time on extensive training and practice.

We use diamond-blade saws to create eye-catching designs and acid stains to amplify colors and patterns. We finish the project with a glossy sealer. It’s an in-depth transformation.

Could You Use a Change?

When your concrete floors are in bad shape, make a change! It will lift your mood and the value of your home. Packman’s Coatings is here to help.

Contact us to learn about our concrete staining services and get a free quote. We are waiting to revive your old floors and make sure the new version looks just the way you want. Packman’s Coatings serves residents all over Utah, and we’re ready to work with you next.