New Concrete

Whether you are replacing old concrete or starting on a new build, Packman’s Coatings is the Utah concrete contractor you can rely on. New concrete pouring requires skill and experience — two factors that will ultimately predict the longevity of the new concrete structure! Packman’s Coatings has a qualified team of true professionals, ready to handle your driveway, garage floor or patio installation.

new concrete pouring

New Concrete Pouring in Utah: It Starts with a Customized Design

Packman’s Coatings helps your vision come to life. You tell us what you’re looking for in terms of size, shape, color and design. We take your ideas and turn them into a blueprint. From providing a detailed quote to assistance with permit applications, we’re here for you throughout the planning stages of your new concrete project.

We Remove Old Concrete

If you’re finally getting rid of old concrete that can’t be salvaged, we can handle the demolition stage of the project. Broken, crumbling concrete can be tedious to remove, but we can handle the hauling and cleanup to get ready for the next step.

Site Preparation for New Concrete Pouring

In order for your new concrete pouring project to be a long-term success, the install area must be prepared correctly. Packman’s Coatings can handle the grading and we will compact the area as well to give you a solid, stable base. This is one of the most important steps in the concrete pouring process.

Time to Pour!

We build forms that match your carefully planned design blueprint. Next, we mix concrete that will meet demands of the extreme fluctuations in weather Utah residents experience throughout the year. Your concrete needs to be strong, so we create a measured balance that’s destined to last. When necessary, we also build supportive framing or mesh before the concrete pouring begins, adding another level of stability to the final product.

Finishing Your Slab

We have a wide range of finishing options for your new slab. Waterproof concrete coatings can offer additional protection. We can stain the surface to give your concrete a different look. We also put in control joints to prevent cracking. Sealing the surface ensures it cures correctly, and we give you instructions on resealing as well.

We Set You up for Success with New Concrete Pouring

Don’t leave a new concrete pouring project to just anyone. Your new driveway, patio or walkway is too important! From garages to stairways, Packman’s Coatings creates the structure that will outline your landscape and add to your home’s value. We aim to deliver satisfaction every time for homeowners all over Utah. Give the concrete experts a call!