Concrete Coatings

Waterproof coatings are essential for concrete — they offer a protective seal, keep your deck, patio or garage floor looking new and reduce the amount of upkeep you have to worry about! Packman’s Coatings proudly protects many surfaces, including wood and concrete, from all the precipitation Utah residents have to worry about throughout the year.

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Waterproof Concrete Coatings in Utah: Refinish Your Deck

When decks are built, they usually aren’t coated or treated with the seal needed to guard against snow and rain — it’s up to the homeowner to take care of this step.

Waterproof coatings work wonders for both new and old decks, because they immediately begin protecting the wood fiber, keeping it dry no matter the weather. The dryer your deck stays, the less likely it will start to soften and rot. It’s also much less likely it will develop cracks or splinters. Mold and mildew stay away, and the deck’s structure remains strong and stable.

You can also select a product that makes your deck less slippery. Packman’s Coatings applies the waterproof coatings necessary to achieve these goals.

Waterproof Coatings Preserve Your Patio

Your patio is just as important as your deck! After all, it’s where the family gathers for summer barbecues. You can protect your patio from all the stains and spills that come with the territory of hosting your backyard party. Our waterproof coatings are the answer.

When we apply waterproof coatings to our clients’ patios, they instantly see a difference. A coating hides imperfections. It also makes it easier for you to keep the surface clean.

Protect Your Garage Floor with Waterproof Concrete Coatings

Your concrete garage floor is another area of your home that needs protection. Oil spills and fluid leaks from your car and ice melt from your driveway can all seep into the surface, making it look duller and older than it is.

Wouldn’t you rather have a sleek, nonslip, stain-resistant garage floor? Packman’s Coatings can help. Waterproofing the concrete will brighten the entire garage plus prevent spalling. It can also resolve many of the surface imperfections, transforming your garage floor’s look from worn out to high end.

Cut Down on Concrete Maintenance and Repairs

Ultimately, waterproof coatings are the best method of proactively maintaining your wood and concrete surfaces. You can significantly reduce the wear and tear on your deck, patio, garage floor, driveway, pool deck and more.

Well-maintained exteriors mean better curb appeal, which translates to a higher property value. You’ll have fewer weekend projects taking up your relaxation time. Your surfaces stay clean and protected.

Call Packman’s Coatings today and ask about our waterproof coatings to learn which is right for you and your home!