6 Common Epoxy Coating Misconceptions 

An epoxy coating can transform the look of your concrete floor. But many home and business owners have some common misconceptions that may prevent them from making the improvement.

6 Common Epoxy Coating Misconceptions 

Check out the list below of concrete epoxy coating myths.

Myth #1: They’re Expensive

Think about the cost of replacing your floor. Now think about the cost of installing a subpar concrete coating. You can see that going with epoxy is an investment that pays off with its durability and easy maintenance. You may have to pay more up front than you would for a cheaper concrete finish, but it’s worth it!

Myth #2: You Can Install it on Your Own

Is buying a DIY epoxy coating kit the same as hiring a professional? No, and it starts with the product.

The mix that comes in the kits is not of the same quality as a professional-grade coating. Also, you must do a significant amount of prep work for the coating to take. Without the experience and the tools, even the most capable DIY-er can run into trouble when it comes to epoxy.

Myth #3: You Need to Re-coat Every Few Years

Epoxy lasts up to 15 years, not one to two. It’s a special product that hardens once applied and doesn’t need repair for a long time.

Myth #4: Paint Is the Same Thing

Epoxy and paint are different. While they may look similar once applied to concrete, don’t make the mistake of believing that paint can achieve similar results. Epoxy is a resin that’s moisture-resistant, creating an impenetrable barrier. No paint can do the same.

Myth #5: The Only Prep Work Necessary Is Cleaning

Your coating specialist is a definite amateur if they tell you all your concrete needs is a quick clean before applying an epoxy layer. A professional knows that it’s vital to remove all loose cement and open the concrete pores before application to achieve the best result. It’s a labor-intensive process to grind down the floor to get it ready for the epoxy, but it’s worth it.

Myth #6: It’s Hard to Maintain

Epoxy doesn’t chip or stain, and it’s super easy to clean. All this maintenance that naysayers are talking about is just a myth!

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