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Why Low-Maintenance Garage Floor Coatings Are the Right Choice

Garage floor coatings can transform your stained, oily cement into a glossy platform worthy of a fancy car dealership.

Beyond looks, garage floor coatings offer plenty of additional benefits as well. They make it easy to clean up after an afternoon of mechanical work. They make you want to use your garage for what it is — a garage, where you can focus on your hobbies and relax.


Garage floor coatings can make a real difference for your home.

Get the Showroom Look at an Affordable Price

If you can’t count the number of times you’ve looked at your faded, stained concrete and wished for a do-over, you wouldn’t be alone. Plenty of homeowners are discouraged by the state of their garage floor, but they know it’s expensive to rip up old concrete and pour a fresh slab. In fact, it may not impossible to do so due to building code regulations.

Instead of spending thousands on a cosmetic repair, spend less and get an even better result!

Epoxy coatings give your garage a showroom look, but it’s extremely affordable. When it’s finished, your garage floor gleams and there is no sign of the tread marks and oil stains that used to bug you.

Make Cleaning an Easy Task

After the coating is applied, your life gets easier. Since coatings are impervious to chemicals and oil, you don’t have to rush to wipe up a spill before it penetrates the concrete. Your coating provides a strong protective layer, and you can simply wipe away fluids at your convenience.

It’s much easier to get the floor clean and keep it clean, and much less stressful, too.

Wear and Tear? What Wear and Tear?

Don’t worry about dropping a heavy wrench — the floor will no longer chip or crack with an epoxy coating applied correctly. The smooth surface you’ll see is what you’ll always see!

No-Worry Moisture Resistance

For homeowners in cold climates like Utah, moisture in the wintertime is an issue for concrete. Deicing salt and snow that ends up in your garage can take a toll on the concrete, but epoxy coatings prevent the usual side effects of the freeze/thaw cycle. You get excellent moisture resistance, which further contributes to the coating’s durability, even in cold weather.

Seal it and Forget It

Finally, remember that garage floor coatings give you one less thing to maintain. You don’t have to repaint every year. Once you have it professionally sealed, you can trust your floor will maintain its excellent qualities for years, especially if you hire Packman’s Coatings to handle the project.

Give us a call today for your personalized free quote, and ask us why garage floor coatings are one of our most popular jobs!

7 Benefits of Epoxy Coatings for Concrete

Epoxy coatings are the finishing touch of choice for countless home and business owners who want to spruce up their concrete. Maybe it’s time for you to consider an epoxy coating as well.

Epoxy Coatings for Concrete


What’s the Difference Between Epoxy and Paint?

It’s a common misconception, but epoxy isn’t the same as paint. Paint is made of latex acrylic. Epoxy is a hard resin. While paint dries, epoxy cures. The process of applying it may look similar to the untrained eye, but the materials perform in remarkably different ways.

If your dingy old concrete needs a renovation, epoxy is one of the best materials to update the look and prevent future wear and tear, and it’s much better than paint. Why?

1. It’s Chemical-Resistant

Epoxy is barely affected by harsh chemicals that could otherwise seriously harm your concrete floor. From bleach to transmission fluid, you can spill just about anything on your epoxy-covered surface, leave it for a while, then wipe it up later and notice no ill effects. This is why epoxy is the flooring finish of choice for chemical plants, hospitals, automotive garages and more.

2. It Withstands Hot Tire Pickup

Epoxy coatings are great for your garage because you won’t cause the dreaded “hot tire pickup” when you park right after a long drive. Your rubber tires get hot while driving and can soften low-quality coatings, such as acrylic paint. Then when the tires cool and contract, it pulls at the surface of the coating and causes delamination.

When a professional applies your epoxy coating, this is never an issue. In fact, you often get a warranty with your completed project that guarantees protection from issues like hot tire pickup.

3. It’s Eye-Catching and Professional

It looks elegant and smooth, plus you can pick the color and design you prefer. It’s possible to get a durable concrete coating that’s still attractive — epoxy makes it possible.

4. It’s Budget-Friendly

Since it’s applied over your concrete flooring, the only cost you pay for is surface preparation, materials and labor. It’s a cost-effective option for rejuvenating your worn-out concrete.

5. It Cleans Easy

Since it doesn’t trap bacteria, epoxy is extremely easy to clean. You can sanitize it in no time and little to no maintenance is required to keep your floors looking great.

6. It’s Long-Lasting and Durable

You can trust your epoxy to stand the test of time. It protects the concrete underneath from cracks and moisture infiltration (not to mention stains), and maintains that protection for decades without peeling or chipping.

7. It Adds Light to Dark Spaces

Because of its reflective qualities, epoxy can dramatically increase the light inside your dark garage or shadowy warehouse. This improves safety and enhances the environment to create better working conditions.

For a high-quality finish applied to an expertly prepared surface, trust Packman’s Coatings. We offer a range of superior epoxy coatings for all applications: residential, commercial and industrial. Call us today to set up a consultation and get a free quote.

Apply a Waterproof Patio Coating Just in Time for Summer

A waterproof patio coating is the finishing touch your back yard needs to be 100 percent ready for your summer barbecues. If you’ve toiled long and hard to get your landscaping looking beautiful, you’re ready to break out the grill tongs and invite the neighborhood over.

Waterproof PatioCoating

Not so fast — take a quick look at your patio. Is it fading? Do you see a powdery white residue buildup? These issues are easily resolved and prevented with a waterproof patio coating.

Every homeowner should call Packman’s Coatings to service their patio before summer kicks into high gear.

Nonslip Coatings Guard Against Injuries

A coating can provide nonslip coverage. If you spill a glass of water or your lawn sprinklers soak the patio, it’s not a big deal. You don’t have to worry about anyone taking a tumble.

It Keeps Colors and Designs Looking Great

Building your patio was a major project. Whether you did it yourself or hired a contractor, you’re proud of the way it turned out and you’d like it to last as long as possible.

Don’t let the colors fade or the stamped pattern lose its distinctness. A waterproof patio coating preserves the look and helps the design stay intact. Your patio will be a statement piece in your back yard for years to come.

Keep Stains and Residue Away

Part of concrete preservation is combating the porous properties of the material itself. Don’t let your concrete absorb fertilizer, salt, chlorine, pet urine, spilled drinks or any other liquids or substances that can stain it. By coating the concrete with waterproof protection, you will block the absorption of liquids that can stain.

You will also help prevent the concrete from producing efflorescence, the white powder that you might see collecting on the patio’s surface. Choose a high-gloss coating and you’ll see the opposite effect.

It’s Easier to Clean

When there aren’t any deep stains to extract, your patio becomes easy to maintain. Just spray or sweep away dirt and reveal your beautiful patio in a few minutes or less.

It’s Never Too Early to Prepare for Winter

Finally, consider the fact that a waterproof patio coating is perfect for not only the summer, but winter as well. You can prevent freeze/thaw damage and reduce the chance of seeing the patio crack or crumble due to the expansion and contraction that comes with the melting and refreezing of ice and snow.

Trust Packman’s Coatings for a durable, attractive waterproof patio coating — call us today for a free quote and to learn more about our work.

When Concrete Resurfacing Is Your Best Option

Is concrete resurfacing the best way to fix your pitted, stained garage floor, driveway, walkway or patio?

If your old concrete is worn-out and faded, it’s taking away from your curb appeal and your personal enjoyment of your home. What’s the ideal solution?

concrete resurfacing

Many homeowners automatically think replacing concrete is their best bet, but hold on one second: Have you heard of concrete resurfacing? It’s cheaper, faster and lasts longer. When you compare the two options, it’s clear which one you should choose.

Replacement Is Expensive and Time-Consuming

Think about how much work is involved with a concrete demolition job. You have to break apart the structure, transport it to a dumpster, clean up the mess and build a new supportive foundation for fresh concrete. Your home becomes a construction zone. And even after you get new concrete, you have to wait for it to cure before you can use it.

Overall, the costs quickly mount when you start adding up the expenses associated with a full replacement. It’s just not worth it, not when you have a better, more affordable option at your disposal: resurfacing.

Looking for an Economical Solution?

The best part about concrete resurfacing is that you get to keep your current slab. No demolition is involved. The team may grind down the surface to prepare it to effectively absorb the new coating, but any dust is easily vacuumed up right after. Altogether, it takes much less time to complete concrete resurfacing, meaning you pay less in labor.

Also, you don’t need to purchase as many materials — just the resurfacing products, not a whole new concrete structure.

Put Your Personal Stamp on It

Another benefit to resurfacing is you can add your own flair to your concrete. Colors and designs help you personalize the surface and make it “yours.” If you ripped out your current slab and replaced it, you might not have room left in your budget to add the designs that make your surface stand out.

Make Your Concrete Last

Finally, concrete resurfacing is a great alternative to replacement because it helps your concrete last longer. If you poured a new slab, unless you applied the same additional protective coatings, it’s only going to degrade like it did before. But resurfacing your stable slab means that you’ll see fewer stains, tire marks and imperfections — the new surface helps protect it!

Call Us Today

Packmans Coatings is Utah’s dependable concrete resurfacing contractor, renovating surfaces both inside and outside your home. You can get a free quote when you call today and fill us in on the changes you’d like to make.

Preparing for a New Concrete Coating

An epoxy concrete coating makes your floors ready for anything. They will be easy to clean, resistant to chemicals, attractive, glossy and durable for years to come. What’s not to love?

Get your floors ready for a long-lasting concrete coating that you can be proud of.

new concrete coating

It Starts with a Good Scrub

It’s important to note that the long-term durability of your new concrete coating is directly affected by how the surface is prepared before application.

The first step in the process is simple: cleaning. Your floors need to be swept or vacuumed thoroughly to remove all traces of dirt and debris. Then use a dishwashing liquid or mild soap and hot water to scrub your floors.

Special Solutions Work to Remove Stains

Even though a thorough cleaning works wonders and removes plenty of grime, some spills and stains can’t be removed without a special type of cleaning solution. For example, oil and grease may seep into the surface and affect the way the concrete coating adheres to the floor.

Here’s how you can tell if a surface needs a more in-depth cleaning approach: Pour some water on the floor, and if it beads up, the concrete isn’t completely clean.

Your concrete coating expert can help you understand whether your concrete needs an acidic or alkaline solution. An acidic cleaner works at removing efflorescence, the metallic powder that coats concrete and won’t wash away. An alkaline solution works at degreasing the surface and removing oil contamination.

Repair Surface Defects

Next it’s time to repair all the unsightly chips and cracks in your concrete. Remove loose, crumbling concrete and fill and repair holes. Make sure all the new material has time to cure before receiving the coating.

Blasting or Grinding Removes Old Coatings

If an aging concrete coating has to be removed first, shot blasting or concrete grinding are two methods that may be used to roughen or smooth the floor as needed. Both methods use high-pressure machines to create a surface that can fully accept the new coating application.

Priming Is Essential

Primer is the final step in the preparation process. Depending on the type of epoxy you’ll be coating the floor with and the setting, your contractor will recommend the right primer for the job.

Ready to Begin?

Are you ready to create the gorgeous concrete floors you’ve been dreaming of? We are too. At Packman’s Coatings, we specialize in high-quality concrete floor finishing work that transforms the dullest of spaces.

Your floors don’t have to be plain. They can be beautiful, and a new epoxy concrete coating can help transform them. Call us today for a free estimate!

Sealing Concrete the Right Way: Avoid These Common Mistakes

Sealing concrete is a necessity: It keeps your floors clean, glossy and stain-resistant. Regularly applying a protective coating is vital to preventing chips, cracks and dirt buildup.

sealing concrete

Sealing concrete might sound like a simple job — a do-it-yourself project you can easily handle. But are you aware of four common mistakes that can ruin the project? Make sure you know what not to do if you decide to tackle this task on your own. And remember: Professional concrete sealing is always a time-saving option.

Mistake #1: Ignoring Dirt, Grime and Stains

The first step to sealing concrete effectively is cleaning the surface in depth. Use a hard-bristled scrub brush to remove all the grime that won’t come off with a simple washing. Take time to fill cracks and holes with patching material and remove oil stains.

Anything you don’t remove from the concrete surface will become permanently sealed after the coating is applied.

Mistake #2: Choosing the Wrong Sealer

Are you looking for a shiny, glossy finish, or would you like a product that’s a bit more understated? Many do-it-yourselfers simply go to the home improvement store and purchase the cheapest, largest bucket of sealer they can find.

This is not the best way to find the right product for your floor. What will your sealer need to repel? What do you want it to look like? Make sure you ask these questions before purchasing your product.

Mistake #3: Applying Sealer Unevenly

Whether you’re spraying or rolling it on, make sure you’re evenly applying the sealer. It dries quickly and there isn’t much room for error.

Another mistake to avoid is applying the sealer too thickly. Concrete sealer is supposed to dry quickly, but it won’t if you put too much on, and this compromises its long-term effectiveness. It’s better to apply it too thin and apply a second coat later.

Mistake #4: Working without Protection

Don’t forget that sealing concrete requires heavy-duty work clothes, gloves and safety goggles. Wear a mask as well, and try not to breathe in the fumes. The chemicals can be harmful if they touch your skin. Always change your clothes right after the job is done.

Trust the Professionals

When you leave concrete sealing to the pros, you get expert surface crack repair, complete stain removal, top-of-the-line products and careful, meticulous application. You don’t have to worry that you’re wasting money on the wrong sealer and applying it incorrectly. You won’t have to watch the early breakdown of the coating, because it won’t happen.

Packman’s Coatings delivers just what you need: professionally sealed, durable concrete floors. You don’t have to devote a weekend to sealing concrete. Call us today for a free estimate.