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Concrete Flooring’s 5 Often Overlooked Benefits

Concrete flooring doesn’t get the widespread attention it should, at least in our opinion.

When you consider the different types of flooring you could install in your finished basement, garage workshop or anywhere in your home, concrete flooring might not be the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, you may be worried about how you’re going to cover your concrete. But if you invest in an upgraded finish, you’ll to enjoy five little-known benefits.

concrete flooring

1. Easy Cleaning!

Finished concrete is one of the easiest surfaces to clean once it’s sealed. Since epoxy coatings and polished finishes provide a protective barrier, it’s unlikely that the concrete will stain.

Spills won’t even sink into the surface. It’s why it’s the floor of choice for many chemical manufacturing facilities — it’s safe and easy to sanitize. It’s also why it’s the floor of choice for many homeowners, auto shop repair owners and more. No crevices for bacteria and dirt to lodge!

2. Economical to Install

As one of the lowest-cost flooring options, it’s a wonder more people don’t go with concrete flooring. Concrete is a cheap building material, and the cost to install epoxy or an acid finish is much lower than the cost of purchasing flooring materials to cover the entire space, especially if you’re comparing concrete to real wood or high-quality tile.

You can get similar results for a much lower cost when you choose concrete flooring.

3. Myriad Design Options

When you’re selecting wood or tile floors, there is a limit on the number of styles and colors you can find. With concrete, your options are nearly endless. With the ability to match color, tone and overall design, you have much more control over the details, ensuring you end up with exactly the floor you wanted.

4. It’s the “Green” Choice

Since most floors already have concrete beneath them, you’re saving on sourcing other materials when you simply refinish the slab that’s already there. If you’re looking for the environmentally friendly option of flooring selections, this is it.

5. Durability That Beats the Competition

Everyone wants a durable floor, but wood gets scratched and tile cracks. You won’t have the same worries with concrete. It’s hard, strong and can last a lifetime if it’s maintained through regular sealing. What’s not to like?

Create Your Floor Your Way

At Packman’s Coatings, we’re excited to see your creativity. Do you want a toned, marble-like finish or a sleek, glossy, vibrant color? When our skills meet your vision, amazing things can happen, and we are ready to create the concrete flooring of your dreams.

Finished Concrete Makes Your Pool Look Good

When beautiful, finished concrete surrounds a sparkling, crystal-clear swimming pool, that’s when heat, stress and troubles melt away. You enter your backyard oasis, and your day instantly gets better. When you host fun summer parties, your friends don’t want to leave.

We believe your concrete pool surround is important. In fact, we think finished concrete makes your outdoor retreat shine.

Finished Concrete Makes Your Pool Look Good

Natural Stone, without the Cost

A finished concrete surface can replicate high-end stone, but it’s cheaper than the real thing. It can be costly to install authentic stone around your pool — a bill you might want to avoid after the initial pool installation and the ongoing cost of the upkeep.

Depend on our team to refinish dusty, gray concrete and make it into a work of art that catches more eyes than the pool.

You Get Custom Control

When you opt for finished concrete, you get complete control over the look. You can choose from a nearly endless array of colors and textures. For the homeowner with a clear vision for their back yard, you have more options than what plain old concrete can provide. You can get custom, and for an affordable price.

Weather the Seasons

A strong finish will help your pool deck hold up to changing seasons better than unprotected concrete. When your pool deck is sealed, it will maintain its integrity and its appearance and will be less susceptible to scaling. In Utah, this is key.

You might only be able to use your pool for a portion of the year, but you don’t want to have to make concrete repairs every season. Finished concrete helps prevent repeated repair costs.

It’s Not Just About Looks

Finished concrete is an upgrade in the aesthetics department, but it’s definitely not the top reason to work on your pool deck surround. You can create a nonslip surface that enhances swimmer safety and reduces the risk of injuries on your property. Pools are enough of a liability — do what you can to protect your guests and your interests!

Long-Lasting Beauty with Minimal Maintenance

If you could reduce the hours you spend preparing your pool area every year, would you? That’s what finished concrete guarantees. Yes, you’ll need to reseal it every few years, but it’s a definitive upgrade that sets your back yard apart and protects against stains and weathering damage. It adds safety and value while it improving aesthetics.

Make your guests ooh and aah: Get finished concrete today from Packman’s Coatings. We offer free quotes and plenty of rave reviews from past customers who can’t say enough good things about our work. Call today to learn more!

Concrete Stain vs. Concrete Dye: What’s the Difference?

Concrete stain and dye are not the same thing. Though the results might look similar at first, the long-term effects are vastly different, especially if they were applied to outdoor concrete.

concrete coatings project in utah

When you’re ready to move beyond boring, dull gray and decorate your concrete, deciding on either concrete stain or dye depends on the effect you are envisioning and the type of concrete structure you’re renovating.

All About Dyes

Dyes are a pigmented material that penetrate the concrete surface. They’re a popular concrete refinishing material because they are easy to apply as a DIY project. Dye is low in VOCs and does not require a wide array of specialized equipment. Many are water-based and easily applied with a sprayer, roller, brush or sponge.

Another great benefit of dye is the virtually unlimited color options. You can choose literally any color since the dye is fully customizable. The only problem? Dye isn’t UV stable. It will fade in just a few months, making it not the best choice for outdoor concrete.

Also, you won’t see much variation with concrete dye. It usually only produces a monotone color, unlike the variations and affects you can achieve with staining.

After the dye is applied, most manufacturers recommend applying a coat of sealer to lock in the color and protect the surface. This may have to be reapplied on a regular basis.

Different Types of Stains

Concrete stain is a much more detailed, specialized type of application. You can opt for either penetrating or acid-based stain. Penetrating stains are usually water-based and can be combined with other colors to create a unique shade.

Acid stains take the quality up a notch or two. This type of refinishing effort chemically reacts with the concrete, generating a natural-looking appearance. Some projects turn out looking almost like marble. Since acid stains require professional skill and special equipment to apply, they are slightly more expensive. However, since they are able to stand up to UV rays and regular, weather-related wear and tear, they are the best option to upgrade your outdoor concrete surfaces.

Which Is Right for Your Project?

The setting matters most when it comes to selecting the concrete stain or dye, but the most important fact to keep in mind is that concrete isn’t boring. It’s your blank canvas! Whether indoors or outdoors, you can use your concrete to exhibit your personality and design preferences.

Trust the Experts

Packman’s Coatings is Utah’s resident concrete stain expert and we aren’t afraid to brag about it! We have been transforming dull, gray concrete for over a decade. Our years of experience make us the right skilled contractor to choose for your concrete revitalization project. We want to hear about your ideas, and we’ll bring our own dash of creativity to provide you with plenty of options. Let’s talk details!

4 Ideal Settings for Commercial Concrete Coatings

If you ask us, commercial concrete coatings are ideal anywhere. Flooring is one of the hardest materials to choose, mainly because business owners or operators are so conflicted. Should the floor add to the design? Should it be chosen based on durability alone? Is there a middle ground?

Choosing a commercial floor isn’t hard once you review all the options commercial concrete coatings provide. Many of the pain points you’re facing that make it hard to decide can be resolved with concrete coatings.

concrete coatings settings

Here are four specific scenarios where commercial concrete coatings are ideal:

Auto Shop

You spill oil. You drop tire irons. There’s a lot of scraping, scuffling and spilling going on. That’s normal in an auto shop. But what about the floor?

If your garage is like most, you probably have regular old concrete as the foundation of your workspace. It’s probably cracked, chipped and stained. You sweep at the end of the day, but eventually, you give up. It’s not that an auto shop has to look pristine, but it’s frustrating that you can’t rid the floor of the grime or the smell.

That’s where concrete coatings come in. Not only is the coating resistant to chipping, it’s impervious to stains. You can spill as much oil as you want — it won’t penetrate the surface. It makes cleanup easier for your employees and it adds another level of professionalism to your shop.

Chemical Manufacturing

Flooring is a top priority in any manufacturing space. When employees handle harsh or hazardous chemicals, an absorbent floor poses a major risk. Since concrete coatings can withstand even the most corrosive elements, it’s one of the top choices for this setting.

Professional Office

Here’s a surprise — it doesn’t matter if the harshest chemical in your office is the days-old black coffee left behind in the kitchen. Concrete coatings are still a great choice because they’re beautiful! You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for durability, and that’s what makes them one of the most versatile flooring options you will ever find.

Warehouse Environment

When backing up the forklift and moving giant shelving units, it’s normal to get nervous about the wear and tear on the floor. Good news — an epoxy commercial coating is nearly impossible to crack or damage in any way. It works in the warehouse too!

From showrooms to retail stores to medical settings, there are commercial concrete coatings for every occasion. You just have to reach out and ask us which one is right for you. Contact Packman’s Coatings today to learn more and get a quote for your business.

Why a Waterproof Deck Coating Is a Smart Upgrade 

A waterproof deck coating allows you to enjoy your deck for years without premature aging due to the environment. In Utah, it’s even more important to prioritize preventive maintenance because of the extreme climate fluctuations from season to season.

Why a Waterproof Deck Coating Is a Smart Upgrade 

At Packman’s Coatings, our waterproof deck coating applications maintain your outdoor living space’s beauty and function and save you money on repairs over the course of time.

Safety First

One of the top benefits of a waterproof deck is its nonslip surface. You won’t have to warn guests before they step out onto the deck. Safety is a definite priority, especially when your home is the hub for every family gathering and summer party. Prevent injuries and reduce your liability with this safety measure.

A coating also helps limit the occurrence of splinters. That’s a plus for barefoot summer barbecues.

Prevent Material Deterioration

It doesn’t matter how old your deck is — a waterproof protective coating blocks more moisture from entering the wood. This can help prevent rot and decay from overtaking wood decks and keeps the structure strong and intact for decades.

It’s expensive to replace an entire deck. Put your home improvement budget toward improvements, not replacements. Use a waterproof deck coating to extend the life of yours.

Guard Against Property Damage

One major threat to your home is rot, but it’s not an issue many homeowners think about, until it spreads to their home. If your deck is overtaken by mold and mildew, your home’s siding is next. It spreads quickly, and if it’s not stopped, it can lead to major property damage and a big expense for you.

Trust Our Process

At Packman’s Coatings, we use only industry-best waterproof deck coating systems for our clients. It’s essential to put quality at the forefront in a difficult environment like Utah, where seasonal changes can be extreme and inflict significant wear and tear on natural materials.

Spring, summer and fall are ideal seasons for applying a waterproof deck coating, because it’s important the wood to be dry before application. This will ensure you see the greatest long-term benefit.

Interested in learning how much it costs? We can provide a quote for your deck. Don’t wait until water damage has its way! Call Packman’s Coatings today to schedule an appointment.

Driveway Resurfacing vs. Rip and Replacing Concrete

Driveway resurfacing is cost-effective way to improve your home’s curb appeal. Compared to ripping out and replacing a worn-out driveway, resurfacing has the potential to save you money while delivering the results you want.

Driveway Resurfacing vs. Rip and Replacing Concrete

Driveway Repair Can Get Expensive

It’s expensive to rip out an old concrete driveway. You need to excavate the crumbling concrete and haul it away. Then the underlying soil must be compacted and prepared for the new concrete mixture. This critical part of the process directly influences how long it will last.

After the new concrete is poured, you have to wait for it to cure before you begin using it. Then you need to fix all the landscaping destroyed in the excavation process. Overall, it takes time and it’s pricey.

Is it worth it? Or do you have another option?

Consider the Driveway’s Age

If your driveway is over a couple of decades old, replacement might be your best bet. You can’t successfully resurface a driveway that is on its way out — you’ll only buy some time. On the other hand, if you only have superficial, aesthetic damage, you can get a new look for a lot less money than a new driveway would cost.

There Is a Middle Ground

Driveway resurfacing works because the entire top layer is removed and replaced, and all the cracks and minor defects are filled. Many homeowners also choose to put a coating over the top layer to the decorative appeal.

Concrete resurfacing is a task that we can complete in a day or two, and you don’t have to wait weeks or months to use it.

Best of all, it will look like you get a whole new driveway, but for a fraction of the price of ripping out and replacing the entire thing. However, for resurfacing to work, it’s essential that the foundation is solid. If your driveway is cracked and crumbling down to its core, resurfacing might not be an option.

What is the best way to tell? Schedule a consultation with Packman’s Coatings.

Driveway resurfacing is an exciting project, and it’s one we’d love to help you accomplish. We’re happy to come to your home and provide a free quote. Check out our gallery of finished projects and call us any time with questions about our process.

Should You Acid Stain Your Concrete?

An acid stain sounds so intense! Is it really the right finishing method for your concrete floors?

garage floor moisture

If you aren’t familiar with acid stain, you have no idea what to expect or how it compares to your other flooring options. You might be considering laying flooring on top of your concrete, or going with a different type of concrete coating. But acid stain might deliver the end result you’re looking for.

It’s Indestructible

Acid stained concrete is one of the most durable types of flooring. It’s basically indestructible. It doesn’t fade, chip or stain. You don’t have to do anything to maintain it. You can wax it if you want to, but if you don’t, nothing bad will happen. If durability is your main priority, look no further.

They’re Beautiful

Acid staining concrete is an art as well as a science. You can find incredibly beautiful acid stained floors created by experienced appliers who have been trained in the right techniques. On the other hand, you can find examples of botched applications too.

You can have the beauty of acid stained floors, but only if you choose the right contractor to handle the job. Acid stain can make concrete look like marble, slate or any other stone, real or imagined.

You Can Customize

With an infinite color palette and a wide range of techniques, acid staining is perfect for the creative homeowner who wants their concrete to look like no one else’s, or to mesh with a specific design profile. The finished product’s rich, glossy textures will guarantee you get asked, “This is concrete?”

They’re Affordable

This concrete finishing technique is cost-effective. Compare an acid stain job to the cost of getting natural stone flooring installed, and you’ll be convinced. Plus, it’s a one-time charge and you basically never need to spend another cent on the floor again. It’s now a permanent, maintenance-free part of your home.

It Works Anywhere

We often do acid stain finishing in garages, but there are so many areas of your home or business where this type of floor could work well. A kitchen, restaurant, showroom, office — the possibilities abound.

Say Goodbye to Your Dull Concrete

The dull days are over. Once you’ve seen the potential from acid stain techniques, there is no going back to the dingy, dirty, plain gray concrete flooring you’re used to. Talk to Packman’s Coatings and get a quote on revamping your concrete, whether at home or at your business. We’re happy to handle the job!

Epoxy Coatings Make Your Home More Marketable

Epoxy coatings offer so many advantages, especially if you install them right before you list your property for sale.

Epoxy Coatings Make Your Home More Marketable


Since they last a long time, you can install them long before you sell to take advantage of the benefits yourself. But never overlook how epoxy coatings can make the case to a buyer looking for the best on the market. If you’re trying to drive up home price or simply make your home stand out, installing epoxy coatings is a high-ROI improvement.

What Is a Home Buyer Looking for?

While there are some buyers who want to fix up their new place themselves, most would likely agree that the less work they have to do, the better. And if they’re partial to working in their garage, you can bet that’s one of the areas they will examine to see if the space works for their purposes.

They want low maintenance, high performance and of course, they want a property to look good. Epoxy coatings hit every mark.

Low Maintenance for the Long Term

Once epoxy is installed, you can look forward to years of function without any expensive, time-consuming maintenance. It doesn’t chip or crack like a paint coating would, and it’s easy to keep clean and beautiful. If it gets damaged, it’s a low-cost, easy repair that quickly restores the surface to normal.

High Performance and Durability

Epoxy coatings are chemical-resistant. Since they’re strong enough to be installed in industrial laboratories, they’ll work for your home garage or basement too. The surface will stand up to all types of spills without staining or eroding.

Rolling a heavy toolbox across tile or concrete could wear down the surface over time, but not so with epoxy. Epoxy is moisture resistant and doesn’t scratch. It’s the ultimate in durability, offering a near-permanent solution for the prospective home buyer.

It also makes the environment safer. Since epoxy evens out the floor and covers cracks, it’s less likely anyone will trip and fall. You can also choose a slip-resistant finish so that if you spill a substance like oil, the material’s compound makeup will protect against injuries.

Aesthetics They Can Be Proud Of

Every new homeowner wants to show off their new investment. With epoxy coatings, your garage can be that showroom they’re looking for. Aesthetics play a big role in the overall value of epoxy, since it covers cement stains and unsightly cracks. It’s one of the fastest renovations you’ll ever see!

Get a Quote

How much does it cost? Get a quote for epoxy coatings from Packman’s Coatings and start down the path to making your floors more beautiful.

Resurface Your Concrete Pool Deck Before Summer

Your concrete pool deck is the site of so many fun summer memories. But there comes a time when it needs resurfacing to keep providing the same support. When you have settling, erosion and general surface wear and tear, resurfacing can be a great way to give your pool deck the facelift it needs to be functional and beautiful this season.

Resurface your concrete pool deck before summer

What are some key giveaways that your pool deck desperately needs maintenance and attention?

Cracking and Scaling

Concrete cracks don’t look good. More importantly, they can be dangerous on a pool deck as a trip hazard.

Concrete cracking is usually a result of settling. Settling is normal after concrete installation, but it can be worse when the soil beneath wasn’t properly compacted before it was poured. Before any resurfacing project can be successful, it’s important that cracks are filled and sealed.

Scaling and flaking occur when the concrete is subjected to the repeated freeze/thaw cycles of winter, which is unavoidable. The porous surface absorbs moisture, then it freezes and expands, putting pressure on the surface. After a few winters go by, this can lead to the loose, flaky texture on the surface known as scaling. Before resurfacing can take place, we’ll grind this surface layer down until it’s gone.

Staining and Discoloration

Gasoline from the lawnmower or stains from a pool party can mar your concrete surface and leave unsightly patches of discoloration. It’s another reason to invest in resurfacing — you don’t want your backyard retreat looking run-down. By installing a new coating, you’re rejuvenating the look, adding value to your property.

Rough Textures or Slippery Surfaces

No one wants to scrape their bare feet on rough concrete. And slippery concrete is even worse — it could cause harmful accidents and injuries you would be responsible for. Resurfacing a concrete pool deck can ensure that you get a newly finished product. Put a nonslip surface into the bargain and create a safer environment.

Proper Prep Is Key

Of course, it’s not possible for just anyone to resurface the area — you need a pro.

The top reason you’ll benefit from the expertise of the team at Packman’s Coatings is that we take surface preparation seriously. Our coatings last longer and perform better because we grind down, prime and prep every surface before we enter the application phase. This ensures quality output and a better value for our customers.

We Love Transforming Outdoor Spaces

At Packman’s Coatings, we fully support your efforts to turn your outdoor areas into the summer escapes you’ve always pictured them to be, regardless of what the years do to your concrete. Trust us for comprehensive, complete concrete pool deck resurfacing services, and you’ll be so happy you chose Packman’s Coatings, you’ll be ready to jump into the pool!

Plan Your New Concrete Coating for Spring

A concrete coating can give your worn-out, aging surfaces the lift they need to look beautiful this spring. Although it’s an instant curb-appeal boost, a concrete coating is beneficial for both the inside and the outside of your home.

As the snow melts and the temperatures turn warmer, your thoughts turn to how you can improve your home. How can you plan on making a new concrete coating a key part of those plans?

Select the Finish Carefully

First, identify the surface you want to coat. Is it your garage floor that needs a face-lift, or is it your patio or pool deck? Depending on the conditions of the environment, we recommend certain finishes over others.

For example, in the case of a pool deck, it’s best to apply a slip-resistant coating that provides extra safety. For a garage, it might be more important to apply a stain-resistant coating so that oil spills don’t soak into the surface.

Check for Proper Water Drainage

Before a concrete coating is applied, it’s important to check for adequate water drainage in the area. Standing water and constant moisture will not allow the materials to properly bond with the concrete. If this is a problem, it’s important to find a solution before the coating process takes place.

Honestly Assess the Concrete’s Condition

Is your concrete in bad shape? Be honest about the state of your slab. If it needs some serious leveling or crack repair, this should take place prior to the coating process. At Packman’s Coatings, we are dedicated to making sure you get the most for your money, so we will advise on the best way to initiate concrete repairs before we install the coating.

Choose Your Color

Finally, one of the most exciting steps in the preparation process is choosing color. Depending on the finish you decide on, you’ll have an array of shades and textures to choose from. From color flakes to metallic finishes to customized designs, our wide selection helps you unleash creativity.

Find the Best Professional for the Job

Since you’re already on Packman’s Coatings website, you are ahead on this step. We’re the premier concrete coatings company in Utah because quality is our first priority. Through careful, conscientious surface preparation and using only the best materials, we ensure our customers have a new concrete coating they love and will last them for years to come. Get a quote from Packman’s today for your concrete surface!